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How We Make Our Shields

How We Make Our Shields

Have you ever been halfway through making something, so excited to finish that it fueled you through the night to get to a complete product? 

That's how things go most times we set up to make some shields. They start looking great, and as the process continues, they only look better and better. 

Here are the steps that we take to make our shields - read below, and follow along with the video below:

Step 1: Shape Shield

- The first step is to shape the shield itself from a piece of wood. To do this, we use our laser engraver to precut the wood. This ensures every shield is the same shape and size. 

Step 2:  Engraving

- Artwork is what makes the shield. We'll first pick the design we're using, and load it up onto the engraving machine software. Once the artwork is loaded, we place the shield into the engraving machine. It's important to place each shield correctly, so the artwork is uniform. Once it's set, we press go, and the machine gets to work.

Step 3: Staining/Painting

- Some of our shields get painted, while some receive a stain treatment. No matter what they get, it's the third step of the process. All of our painting is done by hand in-house, with care and precision going into each shield.

Step 4: Umbo and Handle 

- Not all of our shields get an umbo, but they all get handles (how else would you hold them!) The umbo holds the round shields together and provides a metal base in the middle of the shield that helps deflect attacks. We connect the umbo to the shield, then hammer in the handle that has been sanded and cut. 

Step 5: Curve

- Once the shield has been painted, and the handles placed, if it's a classic shield shaped shield, we've got to add the curve. This makes the shield stronger in deflecting blows, and makes it last longer in battle or play.

Step 6: Defend

- Now that the shield is made, there's only one thing left to do, DEFEND yourself! 


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